Jugendfotowettbewerb 2018/Youth Photography Competition

Flyer-Jugendfotowettbewerb 2018 2 Seite 1The Fotoclub Darmstadt invite us to participate in their photographic contest "Youth Photography Competition 2018"

Applications can be submitted by 25.03.2018: https://jugendfotowettbewerb.fotoclub-darmstadt.de/perspektiven-jugendfotowettbewerb-2018/teilnahmeformular-jugendwettbewerb-2018/

With the following form you can easily submit your pictures to the Youth Photo Contest 2018 until 25.3.2018. Please fill in all fields with the information about you. Then just upload one to three pictures at the bottom of the form. Attention: The server currently only manages a total of 5 MB. Please upload each image in this size in one form only (ie send 3 forms for 3 images of this size). We apologize for this inconvenience. To send the pictures please press only once on the button "Send"! For technical reasons, unfortunately no progress can be shown when uploading the photos. It can take some time for large images and a not so fast internet connection. But there is definitely a feedback.

More information 

Contact E-Mail-Adresse: info@fotoclub-darmstadt.de

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